Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Photos

All ready for church!
(The Queen loves those baby button-downs!)

She lost her first tooth!!!

Great Grandpa and the Prince on Easter.

Taking the dye-job very seriously!

She still loves to hold him and sing him Cubbies songs!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Something Funny

The older two princess' have been very busy outside playing "Sugar Creek Gang", it's been great! However this afternoon they came bursting in the door to tell me about their ant farm. This is what tickled my funny bone:

". . . and Mama we only have three ants so far, so we named them "De" "Jah" and "Voo". You know why Mama, because we can't tell them apart and that way it's like deja vu all over again every time you see one! Do you get Mama, do you do you?"

Yah, I got it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Renewed Appreciation

You know that song that has that line in it, "don't know what you've got til it's gone. . .", well that is my reality this afternoon. My parents took the older two princess' for the afternoon and overnight, and my initial reaction was (and honestly still is) "whoo-hoo", but as this afternoon has progressed I am coming to realize how much I depend on those two hoodlums in order to make life with four royals work! They are such a help with keeping Princess #3 stocked in beverages, snacks, movies, etc. really anything that she needs they do for her (and me by extension!) while I am dealing with the Prince. What a blessing to have kids that, although they fight what feels like constantly, are willing to help their Mama out at a moment's notice. I am honored to be their mom, and am missing their presence this afternoon.

I think that the moral to this one is, that I need to have them visit Nanny and Papa more often, don't you?? It's a win-win, they get a break from servitude and I get a renewed sense of appreciation for all that they do to help around the castle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sometimes Life Stinks

You know, I should be happy today. The sun is out full strength, the girls are enjoying their first runs through the sprinkler and are so happy, but here I am stuck with a cranky baby who will not nap, and that my friends, stinks. I'm not writing this post for sympathy or free meals or help. I am just hoping that by writing, I will get over myself and my little pity party.

Normally a cranky baby would not be a big deal, but see this little guy has his mama spoiled. He is so seldom cranky and so seldom refuses to nap, that when he acts "normal", I go into a tailspin. One of life's little cruel jokes I suppose.

I know what I should do, but I don't want to feed him one more time. I don't want to cuddle him anymore. My shoulders ache. The slings are hot to wear for today. The house is messy. I want to knit darn-it, not sit for another hour feeding my child, looking at Mount Barbie. It is days like today that I wish I was a working mom and could just go away for 8-10 hours and be with grown-ups who all hate their jobs and talk about that, rather than who needs a snack, or took care of their bodily functions.

But I know that I could never be a working mom. I could barely leave the Prince to sleep in the nursery on Sunday. It took all my will-power to leave him yesterday. And then after 90 minutes I was dying to hold him again. So, I sign off to console the bereft Prince and strive to find a piece of happiness to hang onto. Thanks for listening.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Princess-y Wisdom

Lately the older two have been full of wisdom and insight beyond their years, not that they know this (or are told this!). I find it interesting how some of their comments bring clarity and truth to things in life more-so than a thousand sermons on the same subject. I think it is one of life's little blessings, their childlike explanations to some of life's big struggles. Here's what I mean . . .

Princess #1: I wish that the obedience part of my brain was bigger than the part of my brain that likes to disobey.

Princess #2: Why does self-control have to have the "self" in it? It'd be so much easier without it!

Princess #2: I know I should look away, but my eyes won't let me!

All three insights are issues in my life that I struggle with: obedience (the first time!), self-control (no comment), and looking when I shouldn't (reading, movies, etc.). Thanks dear ones for reminding Mama of what she needs to work on!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happiness Is . . .

. . . a day where all three princess' get along with each other (for the most part), help Mama out with cheerful hearts, and a baby prince who takes a nice long afternoon nap!

It has been a nice, peaceful day-what a blessing to me!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Months Old

So my baby is two months old today. Already. Why do babies arrive with the warp speed option turned on? Of course there are days, when I'd like to fast forward to his toddler years, but it goes so quickly regardless.

My friend Mrs. S. did some cool posts about her sweet babies and being the lazy, copy-cat that I am, I'm shamelessly copying her idea for my own post! So here goes . . .

Things I'm getting to know about the Prince, at 2 months of age. . .

-you love to cuddle and snuggle, especially right before nap time.

-you love to wiggle your head until it's under my chin (I think it reminds you of my rib cage!)

-you make this dry cough sound that progressively gets louder the longer you have to wait til mealtime.

-once fed, you love to coo and smile your thanks.

-you usually make a little cooing sound before your smile bursts out.

-you feel most secure when your hands are holding onto something, preferably some one's fingers.

-you like to give me back massages (or scratches depending on your fingernail length) while I nurse you.

-you are happiest when you can see your parade go by.

-Daddy's voice makes you smile every time!
-So does the word chillin'. Go figure on that one.

-you can follow me with your eyes and even fuss if I leave your line of sight.

-you would love to be a thumb-sucker, if given half a chance.

-you are by far Mama's mellowest baby.

We can't imagine our family without you! You complete our castle!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Quiz

So what's different about this picture than normal?? Notice anything unusual about Princess #3's choice of attire??

If you guessed she's wearing pants (for the first time in a year) you are correct!! She decided a week or so ago to "surprise" me with trying on a pair of pants and my genuinely stunned reaction prompted a string of pants wearing. Of course, the dresses are still worn quite regularly, and sometimes even with tights (oh my, another first in a year!). It's been a long uphill battle, but we are gaining some ground in the variety of clothing department! Hooray!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Our sweet Prince is quite the smiley guy, however catching that elusive grin has proven quite tricky! However, yesterday I was successful. Seeing those fun expressions does help one to forget the sleep deprivation, I must say.

The sweet smile we see the most, which is the
precursor to this big ol' grin!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Princess #3-isms

Some of the things my kids say never fail to amuse me, and it always seems like I'm trying to remember what she said or did. So I've been jotting stuff down this time, and all of what I've got lately has been said by the youngest princess. I hope you enjoy!

*Mama, are you done milkin' the Prince yet?*

*Mama, that smoke from the iron smells like broccoli steam.*

*Mama, your panties are a lot bigger than your bottom.*

*Mama, remember how A. (her cousin) had lots of sugar (#3's word for spit-up)? Well, the Prince has tinier sugar with more bubbles.*

*Mama, when you kiss Daddy, your heel doesn't always pop.* (A "Princess Diaries" reference.)

*Mama, when I grow up I'm going to feed my babies faster than you.*

*Mama, isn't it interesting that the Prince has a [insert correct male anatomical word here], and girls don't. Because we all have the same bosoms, so God made boys have [insert correct male anatomical word here], so we can tell them apart.*