Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Backseat Strikes Again

On our way home from swimming lessons this morning, I overheard this interesting conversation, taking place in the back seat. My ears perked up, when I heard Princess#1, say to Princess #2, that "Daddy isn't your real Daddy."

Princess #2 agrees and says," That's right, God is our Father."

I interject, "Daddy is your real Dad." . . .

Then Princess #1 quickly says, "Yah, but God is our different father."

Princess #2 says, "He's our sky father."

I say, "Our Heavenly Father."

Princess #1 (in very patronizing tone, if she knew how to use the word "duh", she would have!), "Mama, heaven means sky."

Sometimes it's just better to let them have their own terminology!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Devotion Confusion

I bought a little preschoolers devotion book from the MOPS shop before Christmas and have been reading it at breakfast to the princesses. They love it, even the oldest, who is "probably too old" (her quote) for such things!

Well there was a little confusion this morning, on my part. Princess #2 kept yelling about a "commotion", so I come trucking in the dining room and find out out that the problem is that I forgot to read the "devotion" book. Princess #3 took up the chant yelling "Zoe, Pahker, Kate-LIN" (the characters in said book). I'm glad that I have them to remind me! And I'm glad that they are interested in learning more about God.

So tomorrow I won't have to panic when I hear there's a "commotion" . . .

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Potty Training Woes . . . A Soon to Be Miniseries!

Brace yourselves for a flurry of blogging on the same subject! Potty training has begun in semi-earnest at the castle. The tiniest princess is being prepped and prodded to accomplish this feat! She is loving the sticker rewards and the "special" candy as it is dubbed in our home. It's just mommy that needs to be reminded to take her. We had a great day Sunday, she stayed dry for most of the day (except nap), so I was set for Monday! We didn't have the distraction of the baby to watch, so I was ready. But somehow the little one didn't get the memo. She kicked, screamed, generally made taking her to the potty so horrible that I let her win.

Yesterday was a good day. I managed to remember to take her to the bathroom(okay I set the timer, but I had to remember what the timer was for!), and she was agreeable. But today I keep forgetting to take her--too much with school and babysitting, life in general. I hate to say it, but we may have to do "commando" training (just for my sake!). Maybe a few puddles on the floor will remind me to take her! Of course this time of year isn't so great for that style of potty-training, but after talking to a gal at Bunco, who is training her daughter this way, it sounds like I just need to purchase some leg warmers!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

So That's Why

While doing schoolwork this morning, the eldest princess wonders aloud, "Why is Sunday called Sunday?" Then answers her own question, "Because Jesus shines!"

I couldn't have answered it better myself.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Decompress Time

Well after a fun-filled two weeks off, reality has once again taken over! Back to school! Back to babysitting! Back to non-holiday eating habits! And really, it hasn't been as bad as I was anticipating.

I had A start up with school yesterday, just to kind of ease into it again since M was home to back me up with the little ones. And I started doing what we're calling "special" seatwork. This is seatwork that she does on her own, she gets to read it off the whiteboard and complete it by lunch time. She is over the moon about this plan for some reason. I don't think that she has realized that it really is extra work-nothing much special about it. But that will just be our little secret!!

And on another positive homeschooling note, G recognized some letters today and the sounds that went with! This is huge. She normally makes stuff up or acts like she didn't hear me, so I was really excited.

Little Miss R is enjoying her nail "polash" that I put on when she finished up her oatmeal this morning. She keeps stopping mid-sentence and admiring her nails.

So we're surviving post-Christmas fall-out for which I am grateful.