Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Devotion Confusion

I bought a little preschoolers devotion book from the MOPS shop before Christmas and have been reading it at breakfast to the princesses. They love it, even the oldest, who is "probably too old" (her quote) for such things!

Well there was a little confusion this morning, on my part. Princess #2 kept yelling about a "commotion", so I come trucking in the dining room and find out out that the problem is that I forgot to read the "devotion" book. Princess #3 took up the chant yelling "Zoe, Pahker, Kate-LIN" (the characters in said book). I'm glad that I have them to remind me! And I'm glad that they are interested in learning more about God.

So tomorrow I won't have to panic when I hear there's a "commotion" . . .

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LaughterThoughts said...

definitely a good kind of commotion!