Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Glossary--Of Sorts

So I have a few new definitions to share with you that you may have been unaware of . . .

Kissing Party: We used to call it "playing cards", my parents called it necking, but Princess #1 coined this phrase over the weekend. As in: "Mom and Dad I'll do the dishes and clear the table so you guys can have a kissing party upstairs with privacy instead of in the family room." Rest assured our kissing parties are pretty tame, and usually include much leg-pulling by the princess' as they clamor to be included in the smoochin'!

Sunset: This is when the sun has to hide and change into it's pajamas because it's night time--thank Princess #3 for that creative one!

154: According to Princess #2, 154 is a lot of something. I personally use the phrase "50 bizillion", but she likes hers. Like when I told her that we weren't getting another cat, and she replied with "when I'm a grown up I'm going to have 154 kittens!" (said with the "so there" kind of tone!!)