Thursday, June 26, 2008

She is Free

So we're driving today to yet another location to deposit yet another pet in preparation for our long trek, and we're listening to the radio. I'm daydreaming, scratch that, rehashing all the things that have yet to be done and absolutely need to be done before we can leave when Princess #3 pipes up from the back row "turn it up Mama it's my favorite!" So I do. It's this song by the Newsboys called "I Am Free". I don't think too much of it til I hear her version sung as loud as she can. . . "I am three to live. I am three to dance." and so on! It was so cute!!! When she's done, she sighs a happy sigh and says I love that song for three year olds.

Me too, baby girl, me too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Pigs Fly

While we waited and waited and waited for our pizza hut pizza and breadsticks at my local favorite shopping destination, we saw some interesting people. We saw the guy at the register with purple hair, who as Princess #2 informed me, can't go swimming or it will wash out into the water. Does he wash his hair I had to wonder. Princess #2 didn't think so or it wouldn't have been such a bright purple. And we waited with another employee who had half pink/half yellow hair and a gizillion piercings that fascinated the girls to no end. Thankfully their comments waited for the ride home! Whew!

Just when I think that the conversation topic has run dry, Princess #1 declares that she will just get a tiny diamond nose thing and not the rest of the stuff that girl had on.

Oh really . . .

Friday, June 13, 2008

Swinging Fun

I need to take some pictures! ARGH! Anyway, yesterday the weather finally cooperated and beautiful. Not that the cool weather has slowed the Princess' in their love of doing anything outdoors, but it has stopped their mama.

So back to yesterday. Princess #3 was on the swing and asking for a "spin doggie", which is when you twist up the swing and then give an under doggie--see, it's all making sense now! Immediately her older sisters said "No spin doggies, Daddy said no, they are too dangerous!" So she replies with, "How about a spin puppy then?"

She's a clever one, that one.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


It's June. One of my niece's is about to celebrate her 1st year of life. So sweet. It makes me nostaligic for when my girls were that age. And it makes me sad to remember that my second niece was to be born this month. Little Abigail Faith went to be with Jesus all too soon. She was so wanted and so prayed for and so loved.

Miscarriage isn't something that women like to talk about because it is so heartbreaking to remember and yet it's something that most women have experienced, some multiple times. If you think of it, say a prayer for someone you may know who has experienced a loss of a baby, the loss of who might have been. I know I'm praying for my sister and her husband, and am thinking of my sweet niece in the arms of Jesus.

At about the same time that my niece died, another friend's mom died, and she has told me repeatedly that she feels in her heart that her mom, who absolutely loved babies and the Lord, is there in heaven caring for my little niece. What a lovely thought.

Baby Fit Free!

I am so encouraged! Last night was our first baby fit free bedtime (say that 10 times fast) in over two weeks. It was so awesome. I didn't have to pin down a toddler. I didn't have to block the door. I didn't have to take any stuffed animals away. I didn't have to make any threats. I didn't have to pray feverishly that my child would chill out and just GO TO SLEEP. I didn't even have to call for back-up!!

And then, as if last night wasn't enough, this morning for the first time in over two weeks, Princess #3 put on only one outfit without a fit and proceeded to ask me to do her hair. People, this is HUGE. You really have no idea how amazing these past 18 hours have been--seriously!! I know that this is only one small step, but I'll take it. Thanks to all of you who have said prayers on our behalf. I think we are starting to see a faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and I don't think it's a firefly.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

She Loves Me??

Some of you know the battle of the wills we have been having at the castle as of late with Princess #3. And most of you with young children know that "terrible 2's" are nothing compared to the power of the "terrible, horrible 3's". That horrible power unleashed in a three year old whose will is being thwarted (in their world) is an awesome sight to behold I must say, being witness to it several times daily over the past weeks. But there is hope . . . here is a conversation I had with P#3 today.

Princess #3: I love you Mama.

Queen: Do you really? Because when you love someone you want to make them happy. And what makes Mama happy?

Princess #3: Lotsa kisses and hugs, and back scratches!

Queen: And Mama loves it when you don't have baby fits and when you obey the first time right? So you can show Mama love by not having baby fits and by obeying right?

Princess #3: Yah. I guess I only love you sometimes. But I want to love you always.

Monday, June 02, 2008

No Good

No good can come from a day that started at 10:30pm the night before can it? I guess I'll find out today. Princess #3 was up then for quite a while, and then was woken up just a "skosh" before 6 this morning by her dear bunkmate. We made it to 7:30 with no problems, but then those darn panties felt "funny" again and there's no end in sight to the cranky-pants.

Thankfully, school's out, so I can deal with just her and not have to work with the older two on school stuff. Well, the crying has slowed, so I'll see if we can find some breakfast that suits her royal self!