Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Pigs Fly

While we waited and waited and waited for our pizza hut pizza and breadsticks at my local favorite shopping destination, we saw some interesting people. We saw the guy at the register with purple hair, who as Princess #2 informed me, can't go swimming or it will wash out into the water. Does he wash his hair I had to wonder. Princess #2 didn't think so or it wouldn't have been such a bright purple. And we waited with another employee who had half pink/half yellow hair and a gizillion piercings that fascinated the girls to no end. Thankfully their comments waited for the ride home! Whew!

Just when I think that the conversation topic has run dry, Princess #1 declares that she will just get a tiny diamond nose thing and not the rest of the stuff that girl had on.

Oh really . . .


Jordan said...

Oh my goodness, this literally made me laugh out loud! For some reason, I just can't picture sweet little A with a shiny diamond nose ring!!!

The Momma Chronicles said...

Such restraint, #1. Such restraint.

Oh man that made me laugh. When pigs fly indeed.

Chelle said...

oh the plans that little girls make...:-) School's out...time for coffee? Email me!:-)

LaughterThoughts said...

The * is P#1's sparkly nose stud... look how happy she is!

Mine usually do not show such restraint and manage to say their comments close enough for them to be heard... and close enough for me to be seen!