Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I heard the Prince stirring during the wee hours and squinted at the clock, on which I swear I saw the hour as 4, like in 4 am, as in the Prince slept for 7 hours! He has been doing so great at night, that this was really a possibility in my mind. So I jump out of bed, feeling so rested, after all, it was 4 am, snatch up my babe only to realize that he was just grunting and wasn't fully awake. So I carefully wrap him up and tuck him back into bed, and then check the clock again, thinking how can he not be hungry?!

IT WAS 12:32 am!! Swear word, I think to myself as I hear the Prince decide that if Mama was willing, he was able. We haven't had a midnight feeding in a couple of weeks dang-nabit.

Note to self: Always double check the time with your glasses on, before checking on his royal self!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lunchtime Chatter

Princess #2: "So how many calories does our tartar sauce have in it?"

Queen: "45 per serving"

Princess #2: "How many calories are in your tartar sauce Mama?"

Queen: "95 per serving"

Princess #2: "So that's why your Mii is so fat on Wii Fit!"

I love how one serving of tartar sauce explains Mama's shape, rather than the four servings of royalty she's brought into this world!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happiness Is . . .

. . . a baby day! I just had to brag that I am an Auntie again!! My sister had her second daughter this evening. Baby and mama are doing just fine, praise God! And I just got an email that a sweet friend is in labor with her baby #2 surprise. I can't wait to hear her good news!

What a great first day of Spring!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Overheard on St. Patty's Day . . .

". . . let's have Mama drink lots of green milk today, so that the Prince can drink green milk too!!"

"Yah, and let's have her eat lots of chocolate, so he can have chocolate too if he wants!"

They are such thoughtful gals . . .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Week

It's amazing to me the difference just a few days can make. A week ago found me so frustrated, so tired, so anxious about everything. And now a week later, life has found it's rhythm again. I'm not saying it's perfect and going like clockwork, because we are living according to "Prince Time" right now, and babies are anything but clockwork. They somehow sense that you are content with the routine and that's when they like to drop a nap or add a feeding or sprout a tooth, you know.

I decided to brave going to Bunco last week knowing full well my hands would most likely not touch the dice, but I needed the fellowship. I'm so glad I did. I had the chance to reconnect with my friends and laugh about things that were and still are really bugging me, and got to eat a delicious dinner that I didn't make. It was just what I needed!

And now this week, I have taken up two offers of help with cleaning the house before our company arrives. Something that I normally would never do, but once I agreed, what a weight lifted off my shoulders! Anyway, before I blither on much more I better end this post. I'll go into more details later of "stuff" that has been going on, but for now be assured that things here at the castle are going as well as can be expected and I'm hanging in here, but by my hands now, instead of my fingernails!!

Showing off their knitted head gear!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prince Pictures

A nasty cold-bug has descended over the castle in the past week which is slowly making it's way through our family. So far, just the Prince and I have yet to get it to the fullest. I am hoping it stays that way. So not much for posting fodder, I apologize. But here is some Prince eye-candy for the meantime.

What do I do with this thing??

Look at that cute chin and the visible lower lip!

Wearing his duck soup sweater!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


But it works so well for Mommies . . .

(I hope you all know I'm totally kidding with this post . . . kinda.)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My Surefire Method

So this week I discovered a new, improved, surefire method for getting the Prince to wake up when he needs to . . . I pick up my knitting!! No sooner to I get into the rhythm and remember where I am in my pattern, do I hear a little voice calling my name, usually insistently. It's great! (Ahem, except for the times you immediately pick up your knitting after putting the little one down, and he decides that he doesn't want to sleep. Then my friend you've got trouble.) But for now, I can take it, and for his sake it beats a cool washcloth on a sleepy face!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

You Know You're Beyond Tired When. . .

. . .you let your kids start their day off in front of PBS Kids.

. . .it takes your 4 year old commenting on your smell before you realize that your p.j.'s have baby spit-up all over the front.

. . .and then you notice that your baby's hair is slick with spit-up.

. . .you slice your leg shaving, in an accident that rivals the first time you snuck your Mom's razor into the shower to try it out.

. . .you see that your kids have made breakfast for themselves-all over the counter, and it doesn't even raise your blood pressure, just makes you want to curl up in the corner, and concede their victory.

. . .you consider how to make and hook up an I.V. to your husband's coffee, so you get the benefit of the caffeine without having to taste the stuff.

. . .instead you pile all the kids into the van and head for the nearest Conoco to buy the largest diet pepsi they sell, despite the wind, despite your smell, and are slowly feeling more alert!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happiness Is . . .

. . . casting on for a new knitting project! It feels like forever (2 1/2 whole weeks!!) since I've knit anything. Of course, casting on is as far as I got-at this rate, I may be done by Christmas with this one! :)