Thursday, December 29, 2011

Overheard At Dinner

Our sweet Prince praying:
Deaw Dod, Kank oo for da dood. AMEN!!

Just had to capture his toddler meal time prayer.
He'll be three soon, and prayers spoken like
this one will be just a sweet memory
before I know it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just Because He's Cute

One morning last week, the Prince woke up
singing a little song.
A song that one of his sisters taught him.
I will let you guess which one of those three,
and the first two guesses don't count!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prize Worthy

So, remember that sweater I knit in 23 days.
Well, I entered it in a drawing that Jill Draper
was hosting, and . . .

Best of all.
This is what I won:
Photo slurped from Jill.
It may not look like much, but dear friends,
that is enough yarn to make an adult sweater.
Almost 1,300 yards of yarn.
Made specially for Jill, sheep to skein in New York state.
Now to find something to create with my beautiful prize!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Random

1.  So I am about ready to scrap Christmas.  

2.  It is just too much. 

3.  It used to feel simple and now it doesn't.

4.  It used to mean traditions and now it feels like one more thing I have to make myself do.

5.  I am not sending out cards or letters or photos.

6.  Super sorry.

7.  Something had to go and that was it.

8.  I overheard a lady at Target, today, tell the cashier that she would be done shopping when her credit card was declined.

9.  That is sad and pathetic, and makes my stomach hurt.

10. My kids get three gifts from us:  a book, a piece of clothing, and something fun.

11. And they are content with that.

12. I like that about my kids.

13. I wish I could have told that lady that it doesn't take *everything* a little heart desires to make it happy.

14. So I am telling you.

15. That way I can't see the crazy look you are shooting me, and the pitying glances to my "deprived" children.{grin}

16. Merry Christmas, dear readers.  I will try for a better post another day.