Tuesday, December 22, 2009

She Said

I'm using this post to pass along a couple of recent Princess #3 "isms" that were just too cute to forget.

"It seems to me that it's time to watch a little t.v.", she casually says after dinner.

"Can you pass me the Prince's cell phone machine that he just got from Nora?"
(A bit of a generation gap there, seems to me! :-) )

"Mama, what do you call it when your tummy is rumbly? Oh yeah, hungry!"

Did you ever think there would come a day that you would see this gal in jeans. Denim.Jeans.
Will wonders ever cease?? :)

Of course, this has been a one-time sighting mind you!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Patience Has Ceased to be a Virtue

Princess #3 is in full-on Christmas mode! She is loving all there is about Christmas in the castle, but in her mind (and limited grasp of time concepts), it is taking a very, long time to get to that big day!

Today I caught her under the tree inspecting presents because she thought she smelled peanut butter and was checking to see if any of her gifts was squishy, "like a sandwich, Mama".

And yesterday when informed by the countdown calendar that there were 10 whole days til Christmas, put her hands on her little hips and proclaimed with intense disgust, "Why couldn't Jesus have been born early, like I was???"

Why indeed sweet girl, why indeed.

Friday, December 11, 2009

10 Months with Our Boy

At 10 months old, our sweet Prince is quite the guy! We are enjoying seeing even more girl vs. boy differences in how he interacts with his world! It's fun!

So without further ado, at 10 months old the Prince . . .

. . . wears 18-24 month size clothes and size 4.5 shoes.

. . . has 8 teeth.

. . . can squat down to inspect something (while holding on to something)

. . . walks while pushing chairs, stools, trucks, etc.

. . . loves the pot drawer.

. . . has an unhealthy obsession with chewing on shoes.

. . . wears size 4 diapers.

. . . loves to feed himself.

. . . tolerates being spoon fed, some of the time.

. . . is a great kitten/cat catcher.

. . . loves his little daily routine.

. . . clicks his tongue when he sees you eating or is hungry.

. . . stills loves those squeaky toys and making sniffing sounds.

. . . likes to crawl around with a toy in his mouth or in his hand.

. . . loves Christmas lights!!

. . . love, love, LOVES his big sisters.

. . . love, love, LOVES his mama and daddy.

and they all love him back!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Overheard from the Family Room . . .

. . . "No, no, I'm the mom! And that means I don't need any rest. I do everything that the family needs. I do NOT need to rest. I do NOT need to go to the doctor. OKAY??? I am the MOM!", Princess #3 says to "dad" aka Princess #1, who was also moonlighting as a doctor.

Is that really her perception of me? Me, the enforcer of the hated daily rest time. Explained to her daily, as "I know you don't need any rest, but Mama needs rest time, so choose to show Mama love by having a cheerful heart and being quiet!!!! Thank you in advance for your cooperation." Very interesting . . .

Monday, December 07, 2009

Potato, Potahto

On our way home in the dark early evening last night, I tried to engage Princess #3 in a little Christmas fun, spotting Christmas lights. Here is the result:

Queen: Princess #3!! Look at that huge tree covered in lights!! Wow, isn't it amazing??
(Now I shudder to think how much I must have sounded like my own mother did when she pointed out the Oregon Trail marks along Hwy 97 during every childhood trip to Bend, OR :)!!)

Princess #3 (in a completely disinterested voice): Oh, you mean that giant mushroom with Christmas lights?

Hey, in my defense, is it every day you get to see a giant lighted mushroom???

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ham Please

This face right here says it all. I love it a little more each day.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Little By Little

As most of you know, I am a Christmas junkie. I love this time of the year! Usually by now my decorations would be up, the tree up, cookies a-baking, but this year I am apparently taking the bit by bit approach to the holiday. Which is fine. It is allowing the girls to help decorate more (read that as: do the dusting-hee!) and have more say in what snowman goes where, and that is fun!

I'm loving how each daughter's personality is revealed by how she chooses how to decorate. Princess #1 is a traditionalist, this snowman goes there, because that's where he's been since I can remember. Princess #2 is a flyin'-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of gal, this snowman goes here because it looks fabulous (a Fancy Nancy reference there, in case you missed it!). While Princess #3 is all about staging (read that as: quantity, as in I want them all here!), she very carefully groups her decorations all in one location. The Prince obviously is a bit young to get in on the action, but does notice the different things popping up in his line of sight and is especially appreciative of any put in his reach.

So as December begins, I hope each of you is enjoying getting ready to celebrate the Christ-child's birth in your own special way. I know I am!