Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet Cousins

Our annual trek to the Midwest this year had a fun beginning in the form of a teeny tiny family reunion for my family. A day and a half is not really a reunion, but seeing as it will most likely be the one chance this year for my family to all be together we jumped on it. I wish it could have lasted a lot longer, as it was so hard to say goodbye to everyone when it felt like we had just arrived. But I refuse to complain because seeing everyone for a blip is better than not at all.

The princess' loved meeting their baby cousins, even though as Princess #1 put it, two were missing, one we hope to meet soon and one in heaven (she took my feelings and put words to them, sigh.). We played "musical babies" as the King put it, passing the babies to whomever had free hands. What a blessing and what a treat to all be together!!!

A big thank you to my two travel weary sisters for making the long trip up and a thank you to my youngest sis for hosting us in and out of her bungalow in such style! And a thank you to my folks for just plain making life easier for us by going out of your way to make sure we were comfortable and had all we needed.

The Prince and his cousin R. hanging out!

Princess #1 holding cousin S.

Princess #2 hanging out with cousin R.

The Prince and cousin R. holding hands. So sweet.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Behold! The Future!

This daughter of mine cracks me up. I love her to pieces and her uninhibited nature is a riot! Enjoy a little glimpse of what awaits us . . . although I'm sure the future will include a missed curfew, black eyeliner, a mini skirt, stomping up the stairs, a door slamming, and then the music and the dancing.

For now I'm just enjoying the ride.

P.S. Doncha love how Murray (the dog) could care less??

Monday, June 08, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

Bumbo Boy

So in the last week or so, the Prince has decided that reclining is for babies. He wants to sit up and look at his parade . . . or toes. It's been frustrating because as much as I love to wear him, I also want him to interact with the world while not being worn. As a result, I need a safe place for him to hang out, like the bouncy seat which he used to love, that he now tolerates. A friend told me about these "bumbo" seats and I decided to give one a chance. He loves it! He can "sit" and "play" legos with the girls or Barbies or watch Mama make dinner, all from his favorite independent position! It has been a lifesaver and a happiness bringer and I highly recommend this little seat!

He can reach "Sophie" with ease!!

Watching the parade play legos.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Have Proof

Today I bring you (and me!) proof that yes indeed, that sweet little personality is still in there. It's hidden most days it seems for hours at a stretch, but it's not gone. And that right there gives me hope and helps me not give up on her.