Thursday, June 11, 2009

Behold! The Future!

This daughter of mine cracks me up. I love her to pieces and her uninhibited nature is a riot! Enjoy a little glimpse of what awaits us . . . although I'm sure the future will include a missed curfew, black eyeliner, a mini skirt, stomping up the stairs, a door slamming, and then the music and the dancing.

For now I'm just enjoying the ride.

P.S. Doncha love how Murray (the dog) could care less??


Jordan said...

Dude. Someone get that chick a guitar!!! I LOVE this. What a riot!!!

The Momma Chronicles said...

Oh yeah. She's got the powah, alright! Awesome. I love homeschool P.E. class!

Chelle said...

First: interpretive dance in the living choreographed roller skate routines on the patio! :-)