Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo Shoot Out Takes

Getting just the right photo to show off
a knit is next to impossible for an amateur like me.
I suppose I could learn, but that would
take time away from knitting, and
we can't have that, can we? {grin}

So, as a result, I usually delete a bunch,
and keep a couple.
This time however, I kept them all.
My model was so entertaining.
And having so much fun, that 
when it came to it,
I just couldn't hit that red X.
I hope you enjoy my silly, sunny, funny little man.
{And his new sweater too!}

Queen:  Show mama your sleeves.
Prince:  I a big tiger!!

Queen:  Show mama your sleeves.
Prince:  I your cheeseburger!!

Queen:  Show mama your sleeves.
Prince:  I gonna show you one sleeve, mama, okay?
[Queen's side note: and apparently his tongue, too.]

Queen:  How about you lie down as still as a statue?
Prince:  Nope. I gonna lay like a big tiger!!

The Queen has an inspiration.
Queen:  Stand like you did for your preschool photo.
Prince:  Cheese!
The Queen really hopes his preschool photo
does not resemble the above.
It just doesn't get cheesier than this, my friends.

Queen:  Okay, last time, show mama your sleeves.
Prince:  Arrrrrrr!!
Queen collapses to the floor in a fit of
giggles and waves the white flag!!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Lots of Knits

Lots of "stuff" going on these days.
New windows going in the Castle.
New stray dog at the Castle.
New home for stray dog.
Same stray dog comes back to the Castle.
Making friends with the neighbor kids.
Hay baling.
Hay hauling.
State Fair attending.
Hot Air Balloon admiring.

Each of the above could have it's own post.
And maybe someday.
We'll see how motivated I get!

But for now, let's get the important stuff.
The knitting.

Wild Vanilla for Princess #3

A wonderfully unique sleeveless sweater with
cables and fun shaping.
Yarn:  Knit Picks Andean Silk (sadly discontinued)
Pattern:  Wild Vanilla by Elena Nodel

Another lace shawl mystery knit.
I am addicted to these KAL's.
This one was knit from Dye For Yarn's Tussah silk.
Love, love, LOVE their yarn.
I used size 5 Muyuki glass triangular beads in a mix of blues.

Out of Darkness Shawl by Bev Gardiner

Her shawl patterns are excellent for beginning lace knitters.
Great, easy to understand instructions, with
gorgeous, end results.
The picot border took "for-esser" (as the Prince would say)
but was oh, so worth the day of binding off that it took!