Friday, June 05, 2009

Bumbo Boy

So in the last week or so, the Prince has decided that reclining is for babies. He wants to sit up and look at his parade . . . or toes. It's been frustrating because as much as I love to wear him, I also want him to interact with the world while not being worn. As a result, I need a safe place for him to hang out, like the bouncy seat which he used to love, that he now tolerates. A friend told me about these "bumbo" seats and I decided to give one a chance. He loves it! He can "sit" and "play" legos with the girls or Barbies or watch Mama make dinner, all from his favorite independent position! It has been a lifesaver and a happiness bringer and I highly recommend this little seat!

He can reach "Sophie" with ease!!

Watching the parade play legos.

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