Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Week

It's amazing to me the difference just a few days can make. A week ago found me so frustrated, so tired, so anxious about everything. And now a week later, life has found it's rhythm again. I'm not saying it's perfect and going like clockwork, because we are living according to "Prince Time" right now, and babies are anything but clockwork. They somehow sense that you are content with the routine and that's when they like to drop a nap or add a feeding or sprout a tooth, you know.

I decided to brave going to Bunco last week knowing full well my hands would most likely not touch the dice, but I needed the fellowship. I'm so glad I did. I had the chance to reconnect with my friends and laugh about things that were and still are really bugging me, and got to eat a delicious dinner that I didn't make. It was just what I needed!

And now this week, I have taken up two offers of help with cleaning the house before our company arrives. Something that I normally would never do, but once I agreed, what a weight lifted off my shoulders! Anyway, before I blither on much more I better end this post. I'll go into more details later of "stuff" that has been going on, but for now be assured that things here at the castle are going as well as can be expected and I'm hanging in here, but by my hands now, instead of my fingernails!!

Showing off their knitted head gear!

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