Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I heard the Prince stirring during the wee hours and squinted at the clock, on which I swear I saw the hour as 4, like in 4 am, as in the Prince slept for 7 hours! He has been doing so great at night, that this was really a possibility in my mind. So I jump out of bed, feeling so rested, after all, it was 4 am, snatch up my babe only to realize that he was just grunting and wasn't fully awake. So I carefully wrap him up and tuck him back into bed, and then check the clock again, thinking how can he not be hungry?!

IT WAS 12:32 am!! Swear word, I think to myself as I hear the Prince decide that if Mama was willing, he was able. We haven't had a midnight feeding in a couple of weeks dang-nabit.

Note to self: Always double check the time with your glasses on, before checking on his royal self!!!


Jordan said...

LOL!!!! Oh, friend, how I understand...but I'm glad you felt well rested :) This totally brought a smile to my already-long-and-trying day!!!

LaughterThoughts said...

The clock says funny things when you're sleep deprived and blind, doesn't it? And then you kick yourself the whole feeding knowing that you could still be in bed.

Chelle said...

Yeah...I know what you many times have I gotten up to let the dogs out and it's a good four hours early? :-) Check your email!

The Momma Chronicles said...

Handy info, that. I'm sorry he took you up on your "offer." Did he at least sleep after that until the sun came up?