Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Princess #3-isms

Some of the things my kids say never fail to amuse me, and it always seems like I'm trying to remember what she said or did. So I've been jotting stuff down this time, and all of what I've got lately has been said by the youngest princess. I hope you enjoy!

*Mama, are you done milkin' the Prince yet?*

*Mama, that smoke from the iron smells like broccoli steam.*

*Mama, your panties are a lot bigger than your bottom.*

*Mama, remember how A. (her cousin) had lots of sugar (#3's word for spit-up)? Well, the Prince has tinier sugar with more bubbles.*

*Mama, when you kiss Daddy, your heel doesn't always pop.* (A "Princess Diaries" reference.)

*Mama, when I grow up I'm going to feed my babies faster than you.*

*Mama, isn't it interesting that the Prince has a [insert correct male anatomical word here], and girls don't. Because we all have the same bosoms, so God made boys have [insert correct male anatomical word here], so we can tell them apart.*

1 comment:

Bird said...

I remember the sugar comment. I'm surprised she does though. :)