Tuesday, June 03, 2008

She Loves Me??

Some of you know the battle of the wills we have been having at the castle as of late with Princess #3. And most of you with young children know that "terrible 2's" are nothing compared to the power of the "terrible, horrible 3's". That horrible power unleashed in a three year old whose will is being thwarted (in their world) is an awesome sight to behold I must say, being witness to it several times daily over the past weeks. But there is hope . . . here is a conversation I had with P#3 today.

Princess #3: I love you Mama.

Queen: Do you really? Because when you love someone you want to make them happy. And what makes Mama happy?

Princess #3: Lotsa kisses and hugs, and back scratches!

Queen: And Mama loves it when you don't have baby fits and when you obey the first time right? So you can show Mama love by not having baby fits and by obeying right?

Princess #3: Yah. I guess I only love you sometimes. But I want to love you always.

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