Wednesday, June 04, 2008


It's June. One of my niece's is about to celebrate her 1st year of life. So sweet. It makes me nostaligic for when my girls were that age. And it makes me sad to remember that my second niece was to be born this month. Little Abigail Faith went to be with Jesus all too soon. She was so wanted and so prayed for and so loved.

Miscarriage isn't something that women like to talk about because it is so heartbreaking to remember and yet it's something that most women have experienced, some multiple times. If you think of it, say a prayer for someone you may know who has experienced a loss of a baby, the loss of who might have been. I know I'm praying for my sister and her husband, and am thinking of my sweet niece in the arms of Jesus.

At about the same time that my niece died, another friend's mom died, and she has told me repeatedly that she feels in her heart that her mom, who absolutely loved babies and the Lord, is there in heaven caring for my little niece. What a lovely thought.

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