Friday, April 10, 2009

A Quiz

So what's different about this picture than normal?? Notice anything unusual about Princess #3's choice of attire??

If you guessed she's wearing pants (for the first time in a year) you are correct!! She decided a week or so ago to "surprise" me with trying on a pair of pants and my genuinely stunned reaction prompted a string of pants wearing. Of course, the dresses are still worn quite regularly, and sometimes even with tights (oh my, another first in a year!). It's been a long uphill battle, but we are gaining some ground in the variety of clothing department! Hooray!


Bird said...

Yes, but they are ORANGE pants. That must make the difference. :)

Chelle said...

I totally got a 100% on this quiz! Good thing I studied :-)

The Momma Chronicles said...

Wow! Who'da thunk it? Just when you think you're never going to get her into anything more form-fitting and confining than, say, AIR, she goes and surprises you. So so proud of her! We'll make a big deal out of it at Cubbies too, help reinforce this new good thing.