Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Months Old

So my baby is two months old today. Already. Why do babies arrive with the warp speed option turned on? Of course there are days, when I'd like to fast forward to his toddler years, but it goes so quickly regardless.

My friend Mrs. S. did some cool posts about her sweet babies and being the lazy, copy-cat that I am, I'm shamelessly copying her idea for my own post! So here goes . . .

Things I'm getting to know about the Prince, at 2 months of age. . .

-you love to cuddle and snuggle, especially right before nap time.

-you love to wiggle your head until it's under my chin (I think it reminds you of my rib cage!)

-you make this dry cough sound that progressively gets louder the longer you have to wait til mealtime.

-once fed, you love to coo and smile your thanks.

-you usually make a little cooing sound before your smile bursts out.

-you feel most secure when your hands are holding onto something, preferably some one's fingers.

-you like to give me back massages (or scratches depending on your fingernail length) while I nurse you.

-you are happiest when you can see your parade go by.

-Daddy's voice makes you smile every time!
-So does the word chillin'. Go figure on that one.

-you can follow me with your eyes and even fuss if I leave your line of sight.

-you would love to be a thumb-sucker, if given half a chance.

-you are by far Mama's mellowest baby.

We can't imagine our family without you! You complete our castle!!

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