Saturday, April 18, 2009

Princess-y Wisdom

Lately the older two have been full of wisdom and insight beyond their years, not that they know this (or are told this!). I find it interesting how some of their comments bring clarity and truth to things in life more-so than a thousand sermons on the same subject. I think it is one of life's little blessings, their childlike explanations to some of life's big struggles. Here's what I mean . . .

Princess #1: I wish that the obedience part of my brain was bigger than the part of my brain that likes to disobey.

Princess #2: Why does self-control have to have the "self" in it? It'd be so much easier without it!

Princess #2: I know I should look away, but my eyes won't let me!

All three insights are issues in my life that I struggle with: obedience (the first time!), self-control (no comment), and looking when I shouldn't (reading, movies, etc.). Thanks dear ones for reminding Mama of what she needs to work on!!

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