Monday, April 20, 2009

Sometimes Life Stinks

You know, I should be happy today. The sun is out full strength, the girls are enjoying their first runs through the sprinkler and are so happy, but here I am stuck with a cranky baby who will not nap, and that my friends, stinks. I'm not writing this post for sympathy or free meals or help. I am just hoping that by writing, I will get over myself and my little pity party.

Normally a cranky baby would not be a big deal, but see this little guy has his mama spoiled. He is so seldom cranky and so seldom refuses to nap, that when he acts "normal", I go into a tailspin. One of life's little cruel jokes I suppose.

I know what I should do, but I don't want to feed him one more time. I don't want to cuddle him anymore. My shoulders ache. The slings are hot to wear for today. The house is messy. I want to knit darn-it, not sit for another hour feeding my child, looking at Mount Barbie. It is days like today that I wish I was a working mom and could just go away for 8-10 hours and be with grown-ups who all hate their jobs and talk about that, rather than who needs a snack, or took care of their bodily functions.

But I know that I could never be a working mom. I could barely leave the Prince to sleep in the nursery on Sunday. It took all my will-power to leave him yesterday. And then after 90 minutes I was dying to hold him again. So, I sign off to console the bereft Prince and strive to find a piece of happiness to hang onto. Thanks for listening.


LaughterThoughts said...

I know how you feel. I have been there. I know you're only writing to vent, but if there's absolutely anything I can do to relieve some of the stress or something that would just help you out in any way, please please please don't hesitate to ask! Just tell me what I can do.

Jordan said...

Ahhh, Mount Barbie :) I have Mount Dirty Burp Cloths at my house :) And you're right, it's WAY too hot to be wearing babies today. I think the Prince was jealous that he didn't get to run through the sprinklers too!!!

Chelle said...

So you fall in bed when you run out of hours
And you wonder if anything worth doing got done
Well, maybe you just don't know
Or maybe you've forgotten

That you, you are changing the world
One little heartbeat at a time
Making history with every touch and every smile
Oh, you, you may not see it now
But I believe that time will tell
How you, you are changing the world
One little heartbeat at a time

The Momma Chronicles said...

I can't help but to remember the mom in the MOPS video last week. Remember the lady with the post-it notes? This won't last forever, I triple promise. Until then, can I do anything? I know you weren't asking, but I'm offering anyway.

Ilse said...

That sounds like my every day with Rovena. Believe me, I completely empathize!