Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reading Styles--Royal Style

My girls each have their own way of reading. 
 I find it fascinating.  
Hence this post. {grin}

Princess #1 is a gulper.
Like her mama.
Quick big juicy bites of book.
Must find out what happens next!
She loves to read an author dry.
Like her mama.

Princess #2 is an absorb-er.
Soaking up every last drop of emotion.
Then she personalizes it!
Which usually means lots of righteous anger.
You know, on the hero/heroine's behalf.
And tears. Lots of tears.
Both sad and happy.

Princess #3 is an editor.
Skimming ahead in order to change up any flaw.
Then she spices it up and re-reads.
She checks for clarity.
Why use boring old "talking before bedtime"?
It is much more concise to use the word "stalling".{grin}

And while my sweet Prince doesn't read yet,
don't let that fool you into thinking
he doesn't notice when you skip a few pages
of the "goldbug" book.
He knows.
And he will set you straight.

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Sarahendipity said...

This post made me smile. I love reading, too! ☺