Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moving Random--Facebook Style

The Queen

--is desperately trying to decide what should be packed.  In other words what does our family of 6 *not* need for the next 6 months!

--had no idea that picture books could weigh so much.  Sorry honey, should have packed them in a smaller box.

--found a purveyor of used moving boxes.  She is my new bff.

--so glad to be moving to a bigger house. Not so sure, however, about upsizing the amount of property.

--whew!  For every hefty bag of goodwill/garage sale/plain old crap, I seem to pack two more boxes to keep.  Something is wrong with this picture!

--trying to explain moving to a three year old is beyond my level of expertise.

--attic is emptied!

--packed up the stash.  See you soon my lovelies.

--have only opened the yarn box twice to get more yarn out since packing it.  You never know when your knitting time and speed will increase exponentially and unexpectedly. {grin} I am now prepared for every contingency!

--is wishing that we could justify hiring a moving company.  Sigh. At least this way, I will be sure that nothing is packed (like garbage cans with garbage in them) that shouldn't be.

So, dear readers, the Castle is relocating, hopefully in about a month.  Not far mind you, just a few miles away, but it sure feels like a continent away at this point.  Lots of sorting, hauling, packing, repacking, goodwill runs, home repairs, painting, and other nonsense going on.  This move has been a long time coming.  We have been debating the merits of moving vs. remodeling for years quite some time now.  More details will come as I have them.

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Sarahendipity said...

Oh my goodness! Congrats, sweet friend! Yay! I hope all goes well setting up your new castle!!! ☺