Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Reasonable Explanation

A rash of horse-craziness has descended upon the Castle.  It's not just affecting Princess #2 this time, Princess #3 and the Prince have both been diagnosed.  Troubling for the Queen to be sure.  If I thought being a soccer mom was a tough fit, imagine what being equine mom is going to do for my image. {grin}

I decided I needed to get to the bottom of this madness.  Is being horse-crazy contagious?  Is it genetic?  Hmm. Or is there another, more reasonable explanation?

Queen:  So why are you so crazy about horses all of a sudden Princess #3?

Princess #3:  Well, I realized that I will never have a panda for a pet, but I could have a horse someday.

See?  She is only horse crazy because *real* pet pandas are hard to come by.  You can feel my relief.  Can't you?

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