Friday, October 21, 2011

Soccer Soccer Soccer

It is the last week of soccer here at the Castle.
(Can I get an amen?!)
It's been fun to watch the girls play this year.

And I cannot say enough great and wonderful
things about the Upward Soccer Program
that they play with.
This was our fifth season and each year
it just gets better.

Karate Kid anyone??  Princess #3 played for the 'Hornets'
this year.  Or, as her coach fondly calls the girls,
the 'Annoying Hornets'. {grin} She learned to be an
awesome defender!!

That's Princess #1 there in the blue jersey running toward the goal.
Her 'Freedom' team was awesome!!  And she has scored a lot
of goals this year.

And that is Princess #2 wearing blue chasing after the ball.
Her team the 'Crunch' really improved their teamwork
over the season!

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