Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Overheard During Family Devotions

Princess #1:  That is too much to memorize Dad!

King:  If you can memorize the levels on Mario Bros. than I'm pretty sure you can handle this.

Princess #1:  I don't have all the levels memorized!!

King:  I heard you and your friend talking in the car on the way home from the farm, and you knew what level she was on by the music.

((Long pause.))

Princess #2:  Buzzinga.


Sarahendipity said...

LOVE this!!! So reminds me of my childhood. ☺ Oh and I think I will be adding Princess #2's word to my vocab. It is too awesome to pass up. ☺

Castle Diaries said...

Do you watch "The Big Bang Theory"? That's where it's from. :) We (grown-ups) love that show!!

Mama J said...


Chelle said...

My mom used to say something similar...if you can memorize your cheers then you can memorize your history. :-)

The Momma Chronicles said...

Oh. My word. Awesome.