Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Say Boxer, and I Say Boxer

The English language is confusing to be sure, but I have discovered that some words with multiple meanings can come in handy for covering up a conversation that didn't need to be heard by little "royal" ears without stretching the truth. Here is my case in point.

Last night while we were getting the girls in bed, the king and I were talking about what kind of unders our little guy might wear. I told him about a friend's little guy, and how he sports boxers and how cute they were. Then Princess #1 pipes up from her room (across the hall): "Are you guys talking about boxers?"

After a quick glance at one another we answer in the affirmative. And she wants to know why we are talking about the neighbor's dog which happens to be a Boxer (how convenient). And we reply that we want to know how she can hear what we're saying now, but not when we're sitting at the dinner table having a conversation.


The Momma Chronicles said...

Those bionic ears. ;-)

EllieRichellie said...

Touche. I have diagnosed our girls with dinner table-induced selective deafness.