Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Houston, We Have A Name

Even two names! Even two names that go together with our last! Whoo-hoo! Stay tuned til February to see if we actually end up sticking with them, since we're not unveiling his monikers until we meet this fellow. I know, I know, why even blog about something you weren't going to reveal, but it is exciting to me that he is named. It makes him feel more "real" somehow. We have learned our lessons from the past with announcing baby's name early, and because of that choice had to deal with comments, the "how do you spell that's", and did you know that so and so and so and so and so and so, all have babies with that same name. Never again, we swore, and Princess #3 remained nameless to family and friends til her birth--much better in our humble opinion to share a name along with the new one. Much less helpful input if you know whattamean!

As some of you know, naming our babies is no easy task! We agonize, civilly disagree with one another's top picks, make lists (okay, just I make the lists), try out different ones, and I like to do the backyard yell test. The backyard yell test is performed by opening the back door and yelling both first and middle names, as if the child was in trouble in order to see if I can snap it out to my satisfaction. All of the princess' have first and middle names that really snap when needed, thanks to this test! And of course, most importantly, we pay careful attention to what the names mean. In fact, my first choice was tossed because of a dumb meaning (read: I couldn't weasel a good alternative meaning anywhere on the Internet, in order to sell my pick!).

Now that I have had the experience of naming a boy, I would take naming a girl hands down any day! All of you with multiple boys that you have named, I can only imagine what you went through, you have my undying admiration, seriously.

And if you are like the princess', who are all dying to know baby's name, I'll quote the king's standard reply, "Izuzu F150".


Linnea said...

Funny, I never remember a name announcement prior to the princess's arrivals, but then again I was an oblivious young aunt. :)
I agree that boy names are MUCH harder, as I have a stockpile of about 5 girl names (and they keep growing), but only one boy name. Wouldn't that be a hoot if we picked the same one?! I like your idea of the backyard test; I'll have to try it.

Jordan said...

how exciting!!! It does make the baby more real...and I totally agree that boy names are SO MUCH HARDER!!!! What is with that? Can't wait to meet this little guy!

The Momma Chronicles said...

No early reveal? Good show! We only told one soul about Jonah's name, and then only because she suggested it as a possibility and we (being the petulant children that we are) didn't want her to think it was *her* idea... I'm sure you can guess who "she" is. ;-)

Yes! Boys are so much harder to name. I also have a stockpile of girl names but only 1 boy name. Too bad we're done having babies. hee.