Monday, November 24, 2008

And *GIRL* Hats and Hats

Even though Princess #3 is still waiting for her hat (when I ordered yarn for the older two, she declined to make a choice and of course, now she wants one), I thought I would post some pictures of the older two's latest head-gear. It is the pattern Capitan done up in some more of Jill Draper's amazing handspun yarn (baby's toddler hat is in her yarn as well). If you are a knitter, her yarn is so worth ordering, plus you will be supporting an indie-spinner/dyer. How cool is that?

Princess #2 doing school in her new hat, colorway is CMY. She likes it because it doesn't itch!!

Princess #1 has worn her hat non-stop since completion. That feels good! It is in the Butterfly Wings 2 colorway.

The sistah's showing off their inner gangstahs. ;)


Linnea said...

VERY cute! The last picture made me laugh!
The yarn I got from Ravelry (ended up not being such a great deal, but whatever) is a coral color, not quite the orange-red I wanted for a gender-neutral gift, but another non-biased friend thought it would do in a pinch.

The Momma Chronicles said...

I noticed #1's new lid Sunday night and commented on it straight away. I couldn't tell which she was prouder of - the hat, or Cool You for making it. Loved it!