Tuesday, October 07, 2008


This one is sure to haunt us for a long time I am sure. So here it is.

Q: So now that you are finally having a boy, you guys must done having kids right?

A: [To be read/said with extreme sugary sweet, drippy sarcasm, my favorite kind, the kind that keeps them guessing.] Yep, you're right we are, because the only reason we will soon have four kids is that we just had to have that boy. Oh, and we would have kept on having kids until we got the gender that was "missing" from our family. Because as everyone knows, having a boy when you have daughters is all that matters.


EllieRichellie said...

Touche. My two girls and I are like a circus side show around here in suburbia. . .first b/c there is only two of them, and second, b/c we openly reply to the "are you going to keep trying so you can have a boy" question by saying: We actually quit having kids because we wouldn't know what to do with [stage whisper - spell it out] B-O-Y.

Love that sugary sarcasm. . . .and MY MOST SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS on your first B-O-Y. What fantastic news from the castle!

The Momma Chronicles said...

Aw man. I bet that's getting old. People don't know it's rude, they're just curious. Different strokes & all.

Seriously, so happy for you!