Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who Knew?

I have a new weakness-boy clothes! Today as I just happened to be reaching up in a cupboard for something, a "gym bucks" coupon fell out. I had totally forgot that I had it, since I so rarely shop at Gymboree, much less spend enough to get the coupons. I quickly checked the expiration and was just under the mark (Divine coincidence? I think so!).

So after school and lunch and lunch clean-up I checked out their clearance pages! And bought the cutest raccoon stuff ever! I love raccoons and I love the idea of my little guy sporting some cute rascally clothes. Who knew there were so many fun things to dress a boy in?


Jordan said...

oh that is sooooo cute! I have a little tiny bear hat from there, but it's not knit like this one! How fun...I can hardly wait to see your little guy in this!!!

LaughterThoughts said...

Okay, totally meant to send out a big YIPEE YAY YAHOO congrats to you and totally got sidetracked. For like five days. But I am so excited for your family... and the addition of some blue! Not that I'd be any less excited if it were more pink, but you know what I mean. :) I was just about to comment that you might need to consider renaming the blog, but I see you already posted on that. And the pink background is gone, so that's good... and, by the way, also needed to tell you that I like the new look a lot!:)

Raccoons... I like that! First- totally cute. Second- great for that chocolatey brown/ baby blue combination that I love!

LaughterThoughts said...

Okay, there ya go. I hit "post" and then look up to see that it now says Castle Diaries instead of Princess Diaries. But to my credit, the url is still all pink.:)