Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time's a-ticking

Over the weekend I had the girls' clean up their rooms. P#1 has her own room and the younger two share. P#2 got right to work and put books back up on the bookshelf, and the library books in their place. It was great! I look across the hall to P#1's room and she's curled up on the guest "futon" reading a long lost Archie magazine! Like mother like daughter--those darn sidetracks especially in the form of books or knitting. Anyway, I offer to help and we begin to tackle her room.

From the vantage point of the hall, it sure didn't look too messy, but boy-howdy is that girl a pack rat! We found all kind of things that could be thrown away OR kept in her "special things" box. Well, among the things we found was her calendar, crammed under her desk. I flipped it to August and hung it up again. Then something caught my eye on it, a sticker on Monday August 18th. I leaned in for a closer look and it reads "School Starts". WHAT?! No one told me, and I'm the teacher!!!

Then I remembered the logic of having her put the sticker on that date. We'll be involved in our homeschool co-op again this year, and that sucks up a day of school a week starting in October, and then in September we're expecting company and school may or may not get completely done each day. Soooo, we're starting early. And as I'm reaching for the brown bag to breathe into, I remember, I did all my lesson plans, all I have to do to get ready for next week, is to organize their worksheets for the week. Hooray!

Now, I'm eager and excited to embark on this next year of learning adventure and fun. The smell of newly sharpened pencils to quote "You've Got Mail" has got my nose twitching and ready to see how third grade, first grade part deux, and keeping an eager preschooler busy will work exactly.

Please, be a friend, and remind me that come January when I'm pulling my hair out and ranting to the gods, I wrote this post about how excited I was for school to begin!

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The Momma Chronicles said...

It's Monday the 18th - how did it go? Don't tell Jonah you guys have already started, then he'll likely ask me why we haven't. shhhhh.