Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Giggles

My girls make me laugh, which is a great thing! Finding my life amusing is the next best thing to knitting as far as keeping the queen sane! So I share two separate conversations with Princess #2 yesterday that still have me giggling.

We're at the table eating dinner, which happened to include rice. She stops eating and says, "Mama, when I grow up I am going to learn how to speak Chinese a little bit and go over to China with someone who knows how to speak Chinese and Washington, and I'm going to tell people in China that you can eat other things that aren't rice. That way they can have something else to eat." Too funny. Washington.

And then at bedtime, Princess #3 had a tiny thorn or sliver in her toadie and we were soaking it a bit trying to get it to work it's way out without assistance. When Princess #2 saw that our efforts were not working, she immediately ran to mama's bag and got out the "twizzlers", so the thorn could be taken out. I bit back the giggle then because she was so worried about her sister and her willingness to try and help was so sweet, I didn't want her to think I was laughing at her help.
(Twizzlers is "Washington" for tweezers, doncha know?)

Hope you had a laugh now too!

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Tracey said...

:) Cute. I love recording the funny things they say...