Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Day

So here is a run down of my day:

1.) No school done.

2.) Swim lessons.

3.) Successful trip to Home Depot.

4.) Lunch and still no school done.
(Some AWANA done after much cajoling by queen and carrying on by the princess')

5.) Rest time--yay all kids down and younger girls' napping-safe to assume Princess #2 will not be cavorting upstairs and brushing her teeth in bed today!

6.) Hear youngest princess at same time I realize that the last 4 rows of knitting (over 600 stitches) will have to be taken out because of a mistake! ARGH!!!

7.) Get princess' settled into afternoon TV time and call soccer director. Finally get through to soccer director (after 3 days of trying) and find out that Princess #1's coach is no longer coaching as of today!!

8.) Yummy dinner--taco soup and cornbread. Still no school done. Princess #1 will be doing a double load tomorrow-lucky me!

9.) AWANA carpool comes for older two princess' while I am discovering that I washed a large load of unmentionables and dried them, only to then notice that the load cycle had been set on "mini" (amount of water) with full strength laundry soap. . . hmm, wonder if they will be itchy, and decide to chance it.

10.) Decide to sit down and blog before I fold the questionable laundry.

Hope your day was a good one!

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Linnea said...

Wow Sarah...I am truly impressed at all that you do in a day. Makes mine look so pathetic! I hope tomorrow is a great potty training day, too!