Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Poop Story

It's been a while since I've had a good poop story to share, so I felt the urge so to speak. (Sorry I'm kind of in a slap happy mood here as I type. It's been a long weekend. My hubby and I are both sick with the cold that the girls have had and continue to have, and I'm a little stir-crazy. I told him today that I want to sit and watch TV that is inappropriate for little eyes to see, since I have to sit through adult inappropriate TV (namely PBS kids and the same Little People video over and over . . .) when they are sick. He agreed. But I digress . . .)

Anyway, consider yourself warned about what is to follow. So I am doing school with the oldest Princess, when Princess #3 comes in and tells me that she needs to go potty. I am ecstatic-she very seldom asks, and she wasn't feeling well, so I wasn't pushing the potty, and here she was asking! (Oh I forgot to tell you, I have decided to start wearing more dresses and skirts (for no really good reason other than just because I'm in the mood for a change) and had this same morning had put on a new skirt and tights for the first time. Okay, now you've got the visual.) So we race to the bathroom, and with no forethought at all, no sniff test, I just whip off the tiny princess' drawers. Only to discover that my darling had already taken care of both businesses, the second fresh on my hand and now all down her legs. Since she had been sick it was the messy-extra icky kind, so I kinda leaned her against my leg as I wiped up the offensive mess. When I get done with what I could see behind, I put her up on the potty, only to realize that the front needed cleaning too. Yech! After I get that all cleaned up, I start to notice a wet spot on my leg. I look down and realize that in her leaning, I got poop on my skirt. Nice. But being the resourceful (okay, lazy!) mom that I am, I decide to rinse off my skirt (hey, it was a brown print anyway), and move on with the day.

I get back to doing school, I am trying to kinda fan my skirt so the wet spot will dry, but I keep smelling poop. I decide to rewash my hands. Still smelling it. I decide to sniff my skirt (yes, I am a mother of three kids--way past being grossed out with the sniff test). I get a little whiff. Sniff the lining, stronger whiff. Lift up the skirt and lining and see that my problem is a patch of poop had soaked into my tights!! That was it, the final straw. Ran up, and changed my skirt and tights into jeans and socks. And that was my first day of casual skirt wearing.

Frankly, I am a little scared to try again . . .


LaughterThoughts said...

oh yes, i've done that. a little spot cleaning with a diaper wipe can do quite well! i've also had the "whiff" problem... checking pants and diapers and shoes (and even checking to see if the toilet was left unflushed!) to find where the smell is coming from. only to discover that it's all over the front of my shirt or my pants or something.... and, in that, was then transferred to the baby i was holding or something else. the poop snowball effect, eh? of course it doesn't dawn on me that because the smell is following me that probably is me!

Princess Diaries said...

I like that term-"the poop snowball effect". You're on to something!