Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's Been Awhile

Well, it has been awhile since I've had a couple of minutes to sit and blog. The past week or so has been a blur of sick kids and pre-fall busyness. A. got hit a couple weeks ago by what I thought was a version of a cold that I was getting over, only hers turned into this fever/sore throat thing. So much so that I took her in to the doc (thankfully the co-pay cured her!). Anyway, so then it was G's turn. She didn't get nearly as sick thankfully, but still had the (as she put it) forehead and neck pain. So just as she is getting over the crud, you got it, R comes down with it. Only instead of a lingering fever she goes straight into this horrible croupy smoker's cough. She gave us several sleepless nights and close-to a trip to the ER. She scared years off of my life I am convinced! I finally gave up sleeping with the monitor last night, even though she's right next door. Hearing your child struggle for every breath like she did is not a sound I will soon forget. Wow. But God is good, He healed each one and they are all happy digging away in the dirt as I type.

MOPS is gearing up to start and with it brings the usual stresses and panics. Will there be enough Moppets workers? How many moms will God bring us? Is every possible contingency planned for? All of those kinds of things weigh on my mind. Thankfully this year I've got a partner to work with.

And since the blue moon was out earlier this week, did you see it?? I decided to go hog wild in cleaning. I haven't cleaned cleaned in so long. So with my crabby clingy toddler strapped on in her carrier, I got down on my hands and knees (literally) and scrubbed nooks and crannies. And it must have been soothing to my little cranky-pants because it put her to sleep!! I told one friend that if I had known I could have had that effect on her, I wouldn't have waited for the blue moon!


LaughterThoughts said...

ah, i need a back carrier, then! mine is a kangaroo pack so baby is in front... great for a lot of things but makes for difficult nook-n-cranny hands-n-knees cleaning! but he is finally to the point where he'd probably be okay on my back. his head was too floppy before! anyways, i could definitely use one of those cleanings. it's just easier to make progress if no one is around to get in my way or to demand my time!! ;-) my blue moon has not appeared yet.

let me know if you need any MOPS help. i don't know what i'd be able to do, but do let me know. (i did pick up a bag of animal crackers for kiddo-snacks the other day, so i'll bring those on the 12th:-).)

Princess Diaries said...

I got a "mei tai" carrier on ebay and it seems to work really well. A friend a church recommended it to me and it's been a good buy.
I'll keep you in mind for MOPS help--never fear! :) Actually it is going together pretty well for this week! ha!