Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Should Be Knitting

Well, it's true, I should be knitting. The house is quiet, I am feeling slightly euphoric from having some success selling jeans on eBay, but remembered I hadn't been on here for a while and should do a post! Why should I knit you ask, well it is because at long last I am finishing up the sleeveless dress for R! I am so sick of looking at lavender yarn that I have been pushing myself to get this project done!! Itlooks to be big enough that she can wear it with a shirt under it come this fall, which is a very good thing, seeing as she will be wearing it weekly til she outgrows it!! :) I think I started this project back in March, and considering that I only get it out to work on it for about an hour a day, I'm not doing too bad.

Yesterday was a bit cooler and it felt like the verge of fall. I was so happy to wear jeans comfortably the entire day! I love the changing of the seasons, it's like life begins all fresh again.

School is going okay. I hesitate to say well because I feel like it is barely controlled chaos most mornings. We converted the "office/sewing room/guest room" into the "school room" and it is crowded. I'd love to move the futon out of there to have some more space. A. is doing well and loving 1st grade, especially homework time with Daddy. G. is starting to figure out the ABC's, although for some reason the letter "I" really stumps her. Today I was trying to give her a hint by pointing to my eye and she looked at me and asked if my eyeball was hurting and when I said no, I giving you a hint, she says I know, "m" for make-up! I gave up after that!!

After the first MOPS is under our belt I think that we will start potty training in earnest with Miss R. She is starting to figure a few things about the process. She is talking more than ever and we have some pretty sweet conversations with her. Before bed (especially if I've had to run out before bed) she likes to tell me about her evening. And she loves to list who kissed her before bed, Daddy, Jing Jing (A or G's name), Murray, Jackson, and Mama. It's so cute. Especially since she doesn't say kiss, she puckers up and makes the sound! My favorite of her new words is "boob", which is her word for "bib". Kinda caught me off guard at first, but now just gives me a little laugh!

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