Monday, August 14, 2006

Hot Water

Our littlest one has a deep and sincere love of all water, especially tap, especially directly out of the faucet! This love was encouraged by one of my sister's ingenious (no sarcasm intended! honest!) ideas to keep R occupied and that was to play in my mom's kitchen sink. Since that fateful afternoon, it has become an afternoon ritual at our house to have R play in the sink while I fix supper or even before if necessary! She will take off her shoes if needed, then slide a stool over to the sink and start saying "toadies" (toes) or "wet" or "sink", anything to get your attention. Well, now add to this the fact that she is learning to differentiate between hot and cold temperatures . . .

A few nights ago she turned on the faucet by herself and ended up getting hot water which she was none to happy about. (She doesn't even like to have her washcloth warm!) Anyway, we quickly remedied that and chuckled over how cute is that, she's figured out temperature. Fast forward to later that night, bed time and she's running around bare buns pre-pj's. She darts into the bathroom and gets up on the stool and starts talking about water. Then she says "toadies hot" "hot toadies", etc. I go in there only to find that she had pottied while on the stool and yes her toadies were in "hot water", er um, so to speak!

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