Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jam Making: Phase II

Finally we are back to normal (well as normal as we ever get). M and the girls picked the apricots Friday and ended up with over 10 wal-mart bags full. Then he cleaned and sorted them into edibles or jam making cots and then it was up to me to take over! All five of my hugest bowls were overflowing with cots for jam, so I got started Saturday morning. By naptime I had done up 4 batches of jam and still had three bowls left of these things! Blah. So I did a quick search for recipes to use up the remainder and found one for apricot syrup. Sunday morning we woke to the smell of slightly fermenting apricots and I knew that I had to deal with them right now!! So I made up 3 batches of syrup with the cots I could salvage. The rest I had to throw out because they were so smooshed.

Well, yesterday there continued to be a lingering odor of rotten apricots, but I couldn't figure out why til M got home from work. He found the culprit, some bags of fruit that we had saved to eat/give away had been forgotten and had gone bad. He thought we had a good start on some homemade apricot wine! Yikes.

Anyway, final apricot count: 29 jars of jam, 6 jars of syrup and one tired mama!


LaughterThoughts said...
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LaughterThoughts said...

hey, it's july and you've got your family christmas gifts taken care of!;-) ...if you could bear to part with the fruit (ha,ha--pun not intended!)of your hard work!