Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's only 8:46 am?!?

Well, I just got a minute to sit down in front of the computer to check email and the announcer on the radio, says "it's now 8:46". That's it? I feel like this day should already be at least half over.

The day started off okay, everyone slept-in (I use the term loosely-it was later than 6:30), so that was nice. The older girls came down and got their breakfast while I got R dressed. Then our neighbor brought her daughter over for me to babysit (have I mentioned that I'm back to babysitting again. . . we'll see for how long!). After our lovely start things have been unraveling ever since! The older two keep racing to me to see how can tattle on the tattler. I hate tattling!! So after a refresher course of what tattling is, they settled down. A. found a book to read and G and R went outside while I started dishes. No sooner do I get the dishwasher open, then do I hear G telling R not to sit in her pool. Yes, R's pool didn't get emptied last night, so she was in it having a great time!

New outfit. I'm back to trying to check email once more, when the baby decides that she's going to have a fit about who knows what. I decide it's naptime for her.

Phone rings. It's mom needing me to make a quick run to Costco (is there such a thing?) before the wedding this weekend.

R screams, G screams! The sprinklers have come on while they were playing in the empty pool and now they are wet and scared!

New outfits! And I'm sitting down to finish this blog once and for all so that the day can settle down to normal, I'd even settle for a dull roar at this point! I just glanced at my watch it's only 9:05! It only took me 20 minutes to type this--AHHHH--this day is going to be an eternity!!!

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LaughterThoughts said...

the days seem even longer when it's only 9 am but it's already like 100 degrees!:-)