Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jam Making: Phase I

Well, it all started Monday when I defrosted my big freezer for the first time I think ever in it's life. And in doing so, realized that I had oodles more strawberries set aside for jam than I had realized. So I decided that we had better make them up, since our apricot tree is fully loaded and by now, fully ripened and will need to be dealt with this weekend.

So yesterday with my two oldest helpers, and little taste-tester we got the cooked strawberry jam done. Two batches and fifteen half-pints later, I'm wondering if this is such a good idea. Where will we store it?? Then this morning I did up three batches of freezer jam with the remaining strawberries.

The verdict: yummy!! Especially on freshly made biscuits that your husband did up while you were at swimming lessons! Thanks honey! So now it's on to tackle the apricots. . .

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LaughterThoughts said...

mmm! let me know how you do your freezer jam! back visiting family in oklahoma, we used to be able to buy freezer jam and it was so yummy. sounds good!:-)