Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pooh tents and irrigation irritation

Well this morning I got to sleep in a bit. The older two were up, G having been up early with a bloody nose and then I'm sure woke up A. Anyway, they were doing a great job of being quiet, so mama and R could sleep and when I went in to start the day I found out why! They had managed to get the Pooh tent out and mostly set up in their room and were busy playing in it.

So I bit back my frustration (I had told them to ask first!!) and we hauled it out to the deck so they could play in it today. This was a good plan until G comes in soaking wet! (I had a friend over to work on MOPS stuff at the time, so hadn't been out there.) I ask her if she had run through the sprinklers and after a couple of fibs she told the truth that she and A had been "cooling off" in the sprinklers! Yeechh!! Apparently when you zip up the Pooh tent it gets "too hot mama", was what I was told. Hopefully they won't stink too bad after playing in that dirty water.

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LaughterThoughts said...

ahh... irrigation water. (i guess i should have read the title first!!) i was trying to figure out the "yecchh!" and "stinky" parts at first. our sprinklers run off our regular in-the-house, drinking, showering, cooking water so the kids are out running in the sprinklers all the time!

this guy was telling us how when he first moved here he used the free irrigation water to help fill his swimming pool rather than spend money using the city water. you can imagine what was soon growing in it!