Sunday, June 04, 2006

Meet Murray

Seeing as this weekend didn't go according to plan anyway, we decided to further complicate our lives and get a puppy too! Mom called Saturday morning to say that there were some adorable free pups at the farmers market and did we want one? Mark fielded that call and deferred it to me when I got back home. . .

Long story short, we have Murray, a lab/brittney spaniel mix. Mom ended up getting the two puppies that were left and then let us choose which one we wanted and they would keep the other. A had decided (unbeknowst to us) that she wanted a girl puppy regardless of appearance! Well, Mark and I liked the looks and temperment better of the little boy and finally after tears and guilt, etc. we talked A into the boy.

Today you wouldn't even know that she wanted the other one! She and G have been outside ever since we got home from church "taking care" of Murray. He is a great little guy. Loves the girls and gets along great with Jackson. Well, I'm sure you'll all be hearing more to come about this one!

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LaughterThoughts said...

a very cute addition to the family! he looks like a cutie patootie bunch of fun! i bet the girls are having a blast with a puppy!!!