Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monkey See, Monkey Do-Monkey Hear, Monkey Say

Do you ever say something and then instantly wish you hadn't? Well, my kids seem to always be listening perfectly when my mouth gets away from me and then repeat it at really opportune times! Not too long ago, I said (in the heat of the moment) "I can't take this anymore!" And now as we try to get G to drink her "stinky aspargus milk" (don't ask!) each night at dinner she spouts off with "I just can't take this anymore". Of course, this phrase has been heard several times since my outburst with the mulitple viewings of "Aladdin" that have been taking place lately, but still I started it. Sigh.

The girls have taken to doing some things as a threesome, which I am excited to see. A loves to teach Sunday School and she finds willing students in G and R. And A has also discovered which has tons of cool animal stories that she will read aloud to her sisses. Very fun to see them all crowded around the monitor exclaiming over what they are seeing.

Murray has turned out to be a water lover. With all the heat of the past couple of days, he can't seem to help himself to R's pool. He popped the inflatable one in his throes of excitement over discovering a source of water to lay in, so I got a hard-sided plastic one that will hopefully outlast him. Last night while R was in her pool, Murray just hopped in and helped himself. She wasn't quite so sure that she liked that telling him "no Murmee, and down". It was pretty funny to see him flop down in that pool!

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