Friday, July 07, 2006

I can't take it anymore, revisited

Well, we survived our trip back to the midwest. All of us safe and sound, not well-rested, but that is fairly easy to take care of! Our final flights were late for our poor CST-zone bodies and on our final flight, poor G had HAD it! She was trying to find a comfortable position to sleep and of course, it was touching A's seat. Well, A was in no mood to be gracious (me either!) and this got things going downhill right quick!

I finally decided to break the "rules" and leave my window seat, so I could separate the two warring factions (aka: my girls). Well, long story short, G lost it-screaming and yelling, "I can't take this anymore", "I don't want to sit next to the yucky, stupid window", you get the picture--ugly huh?! I finally get her to calm down and scream into one of the pillows that the nice flight attendants showered us hoping to help us pacify our child. Not two minutes later, sound asleep. Thank you Lord!

I am grateful that we were able to fly and that it only takes 3 hours in the air, rather than 3 days in the car. However, I do send out my apologies to those of you on the fateful flight who had to listen to my daughter!

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