Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Land of No Nod

Welcome to my current reality: No-Napville or very tiny, get-your-hopes-up-only-to-have-them-dashed naps. I am currently considering adding caffiene back into my diet by means other than my mama stash! (Like an I.V.!) Miss R seems to run through these napping cycles and I had been enjoying (until this weekend) heavenly naps lasting until I woke her up. Now somehow she sensed how heady this control of her naps was to me and how much saner I was because of the extra "me" time and she took control back into her little, dimpled hands! Today was actually a decent nap compared to the past five days, but nothing compared to the heaven I had lived in blissfully a week ago. Who is this kid??

On a positive note, A spent at least an hour yesterday working on drawing a cat. We got a book from the library on how to draw cats and she decided to work on one, a persian. Anyway, she finished it and before I could immortalize it, quickly folded it up and stuffed it in an envelope for her "swimming lesson teacher". Thankfully, her teacher was sufficiently excited about her gift and that really made A's day.

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LaughterThoughts said...

planned naps (for myself) always end in frustration and disappointment... and when i don't plan on one, and i realize i actually could have gotten one... well that results in frustration and disappointment, too!