Saturday, June 09, 2012

The One Where I Go On and On About Painting

My first post from the Castle's new digs!
So we moved.
About 20 miles away.
To a 10 acre hobby farm.

Life has been hectic and crazy.
I think that I painted at least 1500 square feet 
of our old 2000 square foot Castle.
Apparently, potential buyers don't appreciate
personality color.
And boy did we have color.
A turquoise office/Princess #1's room.
A bubble gum pink princess room.
A checkerboard yellow/white bathroom.
A bright yellow kitchen.
Thankfully my red family room got the thumbs up!!

We also had the unexpected painting
in our sedate rooms.
You know, the one where you take off the curtains 
only to find, unsightly settling cracks,
and cat scratches,
so you have to repaint.
And since you can't get the color to match exactly.
You have to do

Here's my personal favorite surprise paint job:
After you finish painstakingly painting the pink room, 
you look up only to see the vaulted,
oh yes, I said vaulted,
bedroom ceiling had been
painted by a drunken queen, I mean sailor. {grin}
Now it's time to do yoga on a ladder while
wielding a paint roller and dodging a ceiling fan.
Good times, my friends, good times.

However, it is done.
The realtor's sign is in the front yard.
He told me that my work was done,
and now it was his turn.
Music to my ears.

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