Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Surefire Answer to Stress

Stress makes me do funny things.
Like obsess about learning to spin.
Spin yarn, that is.
General spinning around and getting nothing done, 
I already do quite well, thankyouverymuch.

So instead of doing all those little pesky
or maybe not so little pesky chores
associated with moving, 
I browse spinning wheels online.

I confer with friends who spin.
Asking lots of questions.
Which wheel is best?
What is a good price?

I borrow books from the library.
I think this looks like fun.

I find a listing for a used wheel.
Just the right one.
Just the right price.
I bite.

And now it sits.
Watching me patiently as I paint yet another wall.
Waiting to be set up at the Farm.

Will owning sheep be the next level of crazy?
But I would like to make friends with someone who does.

More to come, dear readers, more to come.

Not *my* wheel, but one just like it!
It's a Lendrum, double treadle.
So pretty, and folds up nice and tidy.

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Jordan said...

don't prick your finger :)