Monday, February 20, 2012

The Prince Turns 3!

Three, three, glorious three.
One of my least favorite of the child-rearing years, 
in the interest of full disclosure. {grin}
This boy of mine can be a challenge, 
most days I am up for it.{grin}
His heart is full of love for his family to be sure.
He is already becoming a fierce protector
of his big sisters . . . love that.
I am excited (andateenybitfearful) to see what his third year will bring
to light about who he has been created to be.

Mama gave up trying to catch a smile photo and settled for this.

Here are some things that we love about our Prince:

He is a/an:

*fast and furious tricycle rider.

*aspiring horseback rider (read: no fear of heights or equines).

*quick kitten-catcher.

*imaginative player with his "guys".

* connoisseur of any moving vehicle. {grin}

*fascinated by airplanes, helicopters, and Harley's.

*avid listener of books.

*fabulous singer of songs.

*deep digger of dirt.

*just an all around fun guy to have around.

Tractor birthday cake, missing it's exhaust pipe and wipers, hmm.
Funny face boy.

There are several posts brewing in my mind and heart 
that concern the Prince's life that I aspire to get 
written in the coming weeks.

I hope you stay tuned.

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The Momma Chronicles said...

Looking forward to reading those stories. ;-) Happy birthday to the boy!